Rakuten Browser Extension Terms

Please carefully read these Rakuten Browser Extension Terms before installing or using the Rakuten Cash Back Extension or enabling similar features on your mobile device via our mobile app (also referred to herein as our “Browser Extension”). These Rakuten Browser Extension Terms, together with the Rakuten.com Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, which are hereby incorporated by reference, form a legally binding agreement (collectively, the “Agreement”) that governs your use of the Browser Extension provided by Ebates Performance Marketing, Inc. dba Rakuten Rewards (“Rakuten,” “we,” or “us”). By clicking the “Add to” or “Install” or similar extensions (as applicable), or by installing, activating, enabling, clicking, using, or otherwise accessing the Browser Extension, you acknowledge and accept the disclosures herein and agree to be bound by the Agreement. If you do not wish to be bound by the Agreement, do not click “Add” or “Install” and do not install, activate, enable, access, click, or otherwise use the Browser Extension.

1. Cash Back Shopping. The Browser Extension is made available to enhance your shopping experience with www.rakuten.com by providing you with relevant offers and references displayed on your browser. When you visit certain sites, the Browser Extension may display Cash Back shopping opportunities and prompt you to start your Cash Back shopping session via www.rakuten.com. The Browser Extension may also alert you of a deal or offer available through www.rakuten.com with respect to a product or brand appearing in your search results or on other pages you visit across the web, and prompt you to start a shopping session at one of our merchants. If you start a shopping session using the Browser Extension, it will set a cookie (or other similar tracking technologies) on your device through our affiliate network for the purpose of tracking your shopping session and crediting your Cash Back reward — just as if you had begun your shopping experience via any of our links to merchant sites on www.rakuten.com. Please note, however, that if cookies or other similar tracking devices from other affiliate marketing companies related to that merchant are already present on your computer, the Browser Extension will not automatically overwrite those cookies or shopping session but may still offer you the ability to start a Cash Back shopping session when you arrive at a merchant’s website.

2. Data Collection and Usage. When you are interacting with the Browser Extension, we will collect information about the coupons, deals, merchants, products, and offers you click on. The browser extension also has some functionality that does not depend upon your interaction with it. By installing our Browser Extension, you enable Rakuten to automatically collect information on the pages you visit on your browser so that we can surface relevant offers, such as when Cash Back or better deals are available with our merchants. In addition, the Rakuten Browser Extension may alert you of a deal or offer available that you had previously selected but had not purchased on a merchant site. Our Browser Extension may also collect information on the results pages of any searches you make so it can surface offers and deals where they are relevant (for example, we may display a Cash Back offer within a search engine results page that is related to those search results or a dining offer on a restaurant review website). We may also collect information about your shopping behavior for internal testing purposes. Information collected by the Browser Extension for these purposes may include date and time of use, browser type, browser version, URLs of web pages visited, general information about the visited web page, product searches, product search results, information about products added to cart, and other product information. The Browser Extension may also collect and use data, such as the order contents and order total, from order confirmation pages so we may confirm your Cash Back faster and more reliably. We do not intentionally collect nor use other types of information that may be included on a merchant’s order confirmation page, such as your address or partial payment information, although this information may be incidentally captured to the limited extent it is displayed by the merchant. Any data collected by the Browser Extension will be used, stored, and/or disclosed in accordance with this Rakuten Browser Extension Privacy Notice and our Privacy Policy (set forth at www.rakuten.com/privacy).

3. Your choices. You may turn off certain Browser Extension activities by visiting the “Settings” option within the Browser Extension. You may also turn off all data collection by uninstalling or disabling the Browser Extension.

4. Updates. We may update the Browser Extension when a new version is released or when new features are added. These updates occur automatically, but we will update this Rakuten Browser Extension Privacy Notice in the event of a material change in the information being collected or a new use for collected information that is materially different from the uses described herein. We reserve the right to modify or add features or functions to the browser extension but have no obligation to make available to you any subsequent versions or new features that may be included in some versions of the Browser Extension.

5. Third Party Components. Attribution notices for third party software that may be contained in portions of the Browser Extension are available here.

Updated: June 25, 2024

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