Earning Dining Cash Back

What is Rakuten Dining?

Rakuten Dining is a program offering Cash Back at more than 10,000 restaurants nationwide. Available in the Rakuten App, Rakuten Dining offers a seamless way to earn Cash Back for eating out at your favorite restaurants.

How does Rakuten Dining work?

You can earn Cash Back when dining at participating restaurants nationwide using the Rakuten App. Simply add a credit card in the Rakuten App and then use that same card to pay at a participating restaurant. Cash Back will automatically be added to your Rakuten account.

How do I start earning Dining Cash Back?

1. Install the Rakuten App and sign up or sign in.

2. Go to My Account and tap “Add Credit Card,” then tap “Enable.”

If you already have a credit card added to your account, simply tap “Enable.” You only need to do this once per card. All Dining Cash Back offers will be linked instantly!

3. Use the same credit card to pay at participating restaurants, and Cash Back will automatically be added to your account.

My card is enabled for Rakuten Dining, but I’m having trouble earning Cash Back.

If you don’t see Cash Back in your account, use the Missing Cash Back form to let us know. You can also contact us with any questions.

Can I earn American Express Membership Rewards® points in the Rakuten Dining program?

Yes, as long as your Rakuten account is set up to receive Membership Rewards points instead of Cash Back. See full terms and conditions.

How do I find participating restaurants near me?

In the Rakuten App, tap “In-Store” and then the “Restaurants” tab. From there, you’ll be able to search for restaurants by distance and popularity.

When will Cash Back be added to my account after dining at a restaurant?

Cash Back will be added to your account as soon as the restaurant confirms your purchase. This varies by restaurant and may take up to 7 days.

How often are new restaurants added?

Restaurants are added monthly, so check back regularly for updates!

Can I use the Rakuten App to order online from the restaurant?

You won’t be able to order food directly from the Rakuten App, but we do offer Cash Back at many popular food delivery services. Look in the app to see our food delivery partners and earn Cash Back.

Can I earn Cash Back on top of tip and tax?

Yes, Cash Back is calculated based on your total bill, so tip generously!

Is there a limit to how much Cash Back I can earn for a meal?

While most restaurants don’t cap the Cash Back amount, you can check the restaurant’s terms to make sure, as conditions may vary.

Can I use the same credit card to earn Cash Back with Rakuten and rewards/cash back from other dining-related programs?

To ensure that you earn Cash Back with Rakuten, Dining Cash Back should be the only rewards program linked to your credit card. If there’s another dining rewards program you’d like to participate in, we recommend that you use a separate credit card. This will prevent another rewards program from overriding Cash Back you earn with us. Please refer to your credit card’s terms and conditions as details may vary.

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