Cash Back Button Changes in Safari

Apple will soon stop supporting older Safari extensions, including the Rakuten Ebates Cash Back Button, in the Safari browser. If you currently have the Button extension and use it in the Safari browser, you’ll need to install the new version from the Mac App Store.

The new version is compatible with MacOS 10.13 or later and Safari 11 or later. You can continue using the old version for now, but note that Apple will remove it sometime in the near future. You can also install the Button for Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

If you’re installing the Button for the very first time, follow the same steps as below.

  1. Go to the Mac App Store.

    Alternatively, when you have the Safari browser open, you can select “Safari” in the upper left of the menu bar and then “Safari Extensions.” The Mac App Store will launch.


Look for the Rakuten Ebates Cash Back Button on the page, or select “Done” in the upper right and search for “Rakuten Ebates Cash Back” in the upper-left search box on the Mac App Store page.



  1. Select “Get” in the upper-right corner, which will turn into “Install.” Select “Install,” then “Open” when the installation is complete.


  1. You’ll see a success message. To finish, select “Enable Rakuten Ebates in Safari.” Important: You must enable the Button for it to work.


If you accidentally close the window to enable the extension, select “Safari” in the upper left of the menu bar and then “Preferences.” Then, go to the “Extensions” tab and check the box for “Rakuten Ebates Cash Back” on the left.


Your Button should now be installed and ready for use. If you had the old version previously installed, this new version will replace it automatically.

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