How In-Store Cash Back Works

You can earn Cash Back shopping in person at select stores, just like you do online.

Here’s how to get started with earning In-Store Cash Back:

  1. Link a credit card to your Account.

    Link a card in your Account. You can earn in-store Cash Back with Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

  2. Add the offer to your card.

    Offers can only be used on a single purchase and are usually active for 45 days. Make sure to check offer details to see when the offer expires. The offer must be added to your linked credit card before making a purchase.

  3. Go to the store and shop!

    In-store Cash Back is only available for physical purchases made at the store. If you place an online purchase and pick up in-store, you will not earn in-store Cash Back.

  4. Pay with your linked card to earn Cash Back.

    Use your linked card when you’re purchasing in store.

Debit cards MUST be run as credit to earn Cash Back in store.

Tips for maximizing your In-Store Cash Back:

  • Re-add offers after you shop. Added offers are valid for one purchase only.
  • Use the App to add an offer while you’re in the store. You can also add Dining offers exclusively in the App. Learn more about Dining
  • Make sure push notifications are turned on in the App so you know about in-store Cash Back deals near you.

Getting your In-Store Cash Back

Cash Back will be added to your account after the store confirms your purchase. The time it takes for Cash Back to be confirmed depends on several factors, including the store, store policy, reporting schedule, exclusions and returns.

Card safety and security

We take your privacy and security very seriously. Your credit card data is safely stored in a secure, encrypted environment that has been certified as compliant by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI). You can learn more about PCI compliance at For more information on how Rakuten handles your private information, please see our main Privacy Policy and the In-Store Cash Back Terms & Conditions.

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