Exclusions & Limitations

Can I use special offers and coupons and still earn cash back reward?

In cooperation with our stores, we provide you with specials and coupons that you can combine with cash back for maximum savings. We provide you with an extensive list of store specials and coupons. Please refer to the Coupons & Specials page or the store search for these offers. If you choose to use coupons and specials that are not listed on www.ebates.com or www.rakuten.com, we cannot guarantee that you will be eligible to receive a Rakuten cash back reward on your purchases.

Furthermore, please be advised that coupons and special offers listed on www.ebates.com or www.rakuten.com are subject to change. Restrictions may apply. We try to present the most accurate offers but cannot make guarantees due to the time-sensitive nature of these promotions.

What purchases are eligible for double cash back?

Every day we pick at least one store and double the cash back on purchases for a twenty-four hour period only. To be eligible for double cash back, your purchase must be made during a shopping session that originates from a link from www.ebates.com or www.rakuten.com between 12:00 AM and 11:59 PM PST on the day it has been selected by us, and make a purchase.

Do all purchases qualify for cash back rewards?

Virtually every item you purchase through www.ebates.com or www.rakuten.com qualifies for cash back. We cannot, however, give cash back for taxes, shipping, or any portion of a purchase that is paid for with gift certificates or a store credit. Any purchase of products and services in which the transaction is substantially completed by telephone does not qualify for cash back. In addition, a few specific stores place minor restrictions on cash back eligibility. If you'd like to know if a store has any restrictions or exceptions, please visit that store's page on our website. Note that store exceptions change regularly and we reserve the right to cancel or delay cash back payments when affiliated stores alter their policies or refuse to pay us a commission.

What does “Coupons Only” and “No Discount” mean?

When a store is dubbed “Coupons Only” or “No Discount”, you will not receive cash back on your purchases from that store. You can use the coupon codes posted on www.ebates.com or www.rakuten.com to get great deals at Coupons Only stores by clicking through the links on www.ebates.com or www.rakuten.com and using the coupon codes at check out.

Do gift certificates qualify for Cash Back rewards?

We cannot give cash back for the portion of a purchase that is made with gift cards or certificates. We can, however, give Cash Back on select gift cards purchased at stores via www.ebates.com or www.rakuten.com. To see a list of these stores, visit our Gift Cards page.

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