Rakuten Canada

If you’re a Canadian resident, we encourage you to join Rakuten.ca, our Canadian site dedicated to bringing you the best Cash Back shopping experience.

Benefits of becoming a Rakuten.ca member

  • Big Fat Checks and PayPal payments are paid in Canadian dollars
  • All stores on Rakuten.ca are either based in Canada or have been verified to have Canada-friendly shipping policies

Canadian shopping on Rakuten.com

While Rakuten.ca stores all ship to Canadian addresses, some stores on Rakuten.com may not. If you’re a Canadian resident and decide to shop with Rakuten.com instead of Rakuten.ca, you'll want to verify that the stores you shop at will ship to Canada.

In addition, please be aware of the following currency conversion details:

  • Rakuten.com Cash Back Balances are displayed in U.S. dollars, not Canadian dollars
  • Orders reported to Rakuten.com in Canadian dollars are converted to U.S. dollars
  • Rakuten.com Big Fat Checks are paid in U.S. dollars, so check with your financial institution regarding policies, fees and currency conversion
  • Rakuten.com PayPal payments are converted to Canadian dollars; please see PayPal’s User Agreement for more information

Visit the Rakuten.ca Help Center

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