What Is a Rakuten Shopping Trip?

When you’ve clicked on a Rakuten link to earn Cash Back at a store — on Rakuten.com, in the Rakuten App or with the Rakuten Cash Back Button — you’ve created a Rakuten Shopping Trip. Your Shopping Trip is assigned a unique number, which we use to verify your purchase with the store.

Your purchases will earn Cash Back only if you start a Shopping Trip with Rakuten. If you don’t click on a Rakuten link to start a Shopping Trip, we have no way of showing the store that you are a Rakuten member.

Tracking your Shopping Trips

Sometimes you’ll start a Shopping Trip and not make a purchase; however, we’ll still have it recorded in your account for up to three months, should you need to refer to it. This number can come in handy if you ever think you have not earned Cash Back for a purchase and you want to ask Member Services to look into it.

You can always visit My Account to view your Shopping Trip history.

About repeat Shopping Trips

To earn Cash Back, you must click through a Rakuten link every time you shop. If you click through Rakuten and make a purchase, then return to that store later to make a second purchase, you must start another Rakuten shopping trip in order to earn Cash Back.

If you use multiple windows on your browser, the window in which you shop at the store must have come from a Rakuten link.

Missing Cash Back
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