Software or Settings Preventing Cash Back

Cash Back can only be activated if we know where you’re shopping. Sometimes cookies, ad blockers and content blockers can prevent Cash Back from being activated.


If you’re using security or protection software, their settings must allow cookies from Rakuten and the stores where you shop. It’s how we know you’re shopping there, so you can earn Cash Back.

Here are a few tips to help you activate Cash Back:

For firewall software, like Zone Alarm or Norton Internet Security:

Turn off the ad-blocking option when you start shopping with Rakuten.

For other browser extensions linked to shopping rewards or coupon sites:

Turn off these when you start shopping with Rakuten. They may redirect your shopping trip from Rakuten and take credit for your order.

For browsers in private or incognito mode:

We recommend not using this setting since it prevents Rakuten from communicating with other stores and activating Cash Back.

For those using a VPN:

We recommend disabling your VPN while shopping since Rakuten cannot guarantee your Cash Back will be activated.

For network level traffic blocking, like Bitdefender and Pi-hole:

Try going to the settings of your software and create an exception for


Ad blockers block us from knowing where you’re shopping, so we can’t track your eligible orders for Cash Back.

For AdBlock, AdBlock Plus or Ublock:

If Rakuten identified these ad-blockers, we’ll show you a message that asks you to Enable Cash Back. This will place Rakuten on a list that will allow you to shop and activate Cash Back.

If you still see ad blocker alerts after adding the filter, you can disable your ad blocker during your shopping trips, and then re-enable it after you’re done.

For all other ad-blockers:

The Enable Cash Back option is only compatible with the ad-blockers listed above. Instead follow these instructions to activate Cash Back:

    1. Go to
    2. Select your ad-block extension icon in your browser
    3. Update setting to trust/allow
    4. Refresh your page

This will allow Rakuten to work while keeping your ad-blocker active for other sites.

Whitelisting may not resolve all issues. If you whitelist, you will not see the ad blocker alerts, but you still may have issues activating Cash Back.


Content blockers on your mobile device block us from knowing where you’re shopping, so we can’t activate Cash Back.

To make sure Cash Back is activated, we recommend that you either shop with the Rakuten App or disable your content blockers while shopping.

To disable content blocking on your iOS device:

  • Go to Settings and select Safari
  • Select Content Blockers
  • Turn off all content blockers
  • Start your shopping trip from Rakuten again to make sure Cash Back is activated

When you’re done shopping, you can follow these same steps and turn on your content blocker.

Still having issues? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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