What Is the Ebates Cash Back Button?

The Ebates Cash Back Button is the easiest way to get Cash Back while you shop. Simply add the Cash Back Button as an extension to your browser, and it will automatically notify you of Cash Back and discounts when you visit your favorite stores. 

What’s a browser extension?

A browser extension (sometimes called an add-on or plug-in) is a special feature browsers offer their users to make their lives easier. A common browser extension is an ad blocker, but there are also buttons to activate frequently-used tools like Facebook and Pinterest. Using a browser extension button eliminates the step of having to visit the website first to activate the tool you want to use.

Similarly, the Ebates Cash Back Button lets our members earn Cash Back without having to go to Ebates.com first. While you’re shopping, the Cash Back Button proactively reminds you to “Activate Cash Back,” to start an Ebates Shopping Trip and qualify your purchase for Cash Back. It also alerts you to discounts and other promotions the store offers. So you shop normally, with no interruptions, and the Cash Back Button does the work for you.

Is it safe to use?

Yes. We do not use the Cash Back Button to install any other software on your machine, it cannot harm your computer, will not impact your browsing and will not collect and share your personal information. Its only purpose is to help you earn Cash Back and get the best deals as easily as possible.

How to Install the Cash Back Button

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