Special Booking Requests

You can make special requests (such as a late check-in time or a rollaway bed) as you book your hotel room. Ebates Hotels will pass your requests along to the hotel, but we cannot guarantee availability for the room type and rate you requested. You may wish to call the hotel directly prior to your stay to confirm availability.

How to make special requests

  • Find the hotel and room you like and start the booking process
  • In the "Traveler Info" section, look for the "Special Requests" input field
  • In the "Special Requests" input field, enter your requests (such as rollaway beds or late check-in)
  • Complete your booking

If the "Special Requests" section is not available on the booking page, contact the hotel directly to confirm they have the required accessibility features.

Booking rooms for a group

At this time, you can book a maximum of eight rooms within a single reservation. Group reservations for nine or more rooms are not presently accepted. To book nine or more rooms at a given hotel for the same dates of stay, separate reservations are required.

Finding a pet-friendly hotel

How to find a pet-friendly hotel:

  • From the main Ebates Hotels page, enter your travel destination and dates, and select "Search"
  • From the search results, scroll to and open the "Amenities" filter and select “Pet-friendly” (conditions apply)
  • Your search results will update to show only hotels that allow pets

Hotels typically only offer a limited number of rooms that can accommodate pets. In addition, hotels may limit the number and weight of pets allowed in your room, or they may require a small deposit. On your hotel’s page, scroll down to the “Hotel’s Small Print” section for specific rules and restrictions.

We recommended you follow-up with your hotel directly to ensure a pet-friendly room has been secured for your booking.

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