My Account Settings

You can update the email address and password you use to sign in to your account in your Account Settings.

Note: You must be signed in to your account with your current email address and password to make changes.

Big Fat Check Settings – Mailing Address

A mailing address is required for payments of all types, including PayPal. Please make sure to change or update your address when you move to ensure timely and accurate delivery of your payments.

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Big Fat Check Settings – Payment Type

There are two ways to receive your Cash Back payments:

  1. Big Fat Check
  2. PayPal payment

View or Change My Payment Type 

Learn More About Choosing Your Ebates Payment Method

Social Media Connections

You can connect your Ebates account to Facebook and Google. Connecting your social media accounts allows for easy sign-in access. We do not post anything without your permission.To connect your Facebook account, the email addresses of your Ebates and Facebook accounts must be the same.

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