Payment Method

There are 3 ways to receive your payments: Big Fat Check, PayPal and Big Fat Check sent to someone else. Any method you choose is completely free.

Big Fat Check: You will receive a check issued to the name and address in your Account Settings.

PayPal: You will receive a PayPal payment issued to the account associated with the PayPal email address in your Account Settings. An email will be sent to that email address for verification purposes when you choose to receive your payment by PayPal or when you update your PayPal email address. For more information about PayPal verification, please visit PayPal.

Big Fat Check sent to someone else: You can choose to have your Big Fat Check sent to a charity, organization or another person. If you would like to choose this method, visit your Account Settings or contact Member Services.

Note: If you send your Big Fat Check to a charity or charitable organization, Ebates does not validate the tax-deductibility of donation. It is your sole responsibility to document donations and to determine the tax-deductibility.

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